Iconify License Checker

Check the licenses of icons on your page

JS Import VS Code Extension

Install selected JS imports in VS Code

GitHub Repo Viewer

View your GitHub repositories grouped by tag

Train Departures

A command line train departure board

Link Shortener

A link shortener and link tree made with the Raindrop API

Toggl Extended

Extending on the features provided from Toggl

Structured text to markdown

Converting DatoCMS structured text to markdown


A Pokedex made using PokeAPI

Photography Portfolio

A website to display my photography

LaTeX Tailwind plugin

Tailwind CSS plugin to style prose like LaTeX


A command line CV made with Node.js

Next.js open graph image

A tool for generating open graph images made with Next.js

Colour accessibility test

Test contrasting colours against the WCAG standards

Web App Tools

Find the best tools to create your next web app


Introduction to contributing to Open Source Software

CV Generator

A website to generate CVs

CV Theme

A Hugo theme for CVs

Intel vPro Detector

Detect the presence of Intel vPro and the status of Intel AMT

DNS Comparison Website

Compare the speed and blocking of DNS providers

Notes Website

A website to store my notes

Tailwind Remark Admonitions

Alternate styling for remark admonitions


Easily set up DMARC on a domain in Vercel

Google AIY Emotion Detection

A device to detect if you are sad and send dog pictures

Hugo Portfolio Website

A portfolio website made with Hugo

Locate My Tech

An Android App to keep track of electronic components

Oxford Digithon

A Firefox Browser Extension

Conway's Game of Life

Conway's Game of Life implemented in C

AI Search

Algorithms to approximate the travelling salesman problem

Bulletin Board

Bulletin board using Python socket programming


A tool to help people with dementia


A range of algorithms relating to Bioinformatics

Slate my doggo

A simple social media app

Modelling with Graphs

A set of algorithms on graphs

Error correcting codes

Hamming and Repetition Codes

P5 component

A p5 sketch turned into a reusable component

Algorithms and Data Structures

A range of code relating to Algorithms and Data Structures