Easily set up DMARC on a domain in Vercel


This application sets up DMARC on your Vercel domains, and in the process also sets up SPF. In combination, these secure your domain by protecting you from fraud as it is much more difficult for people to send emails pretending to be your domain.

The impact of this for domain owners is that people won't regard emails from them as spam if criminals are sending fraudulent emails pretending to be them. Alongisde this, it ensures better delivery to other people as they can verify that the email is coming from the sender. For the wider public it reduces the amount of spam and cybercrime as there are fewer domains from which criminals can send emails.

How it works

You log in to Vercel, and it uses the token generated from this to list your domains. You select a domain and fill out the form to specify the options you want and click submit and then two generated DNS records will be added to your domain on Vercel, these are all that is needed for DMARC and SPF.

Tech Stack Used

Next.js, React, Vercel API, Tailwind CSS, Vercel Hosting

How to use it

This application is hosted at dmarc.vercel.app

For local development first clone the repository using

git clone https://github.com/samrobbins85/easy-dmarc.git

Then move into the directory and run

npm install

to install it, then

npm run dev

to start the dev server. The application can then be found at localhost:3000


This project is licensed under MIT