LaTeX Tailwind plugin

Tailwind CSS plugin to style prose like LaTeX

This project is heavily inspired by LaTeX.css, but improves on it by only styling within a div of a specified class. This was important for me as I only wanted a certain part of my website to be styled in this way.

The first thing I needed for this was to write a function which took a dictionary and prefixed every entry with the class I wanted. For this I adapted some code found on stackoverflow to modify the keys in the way I wanted

function prefix(inobj, prefix) {
	let replacedItems = Object.keys(inobj).map((key) => {
		const newKey = prefix + key;
		return {
			[newKey]: inobj[key],

	return replacedItems.reduce((a, b) => Object.assign({}, a, b));

Next I needed the fonts, luckily this was already included with LaTeX.css, so I could use jsdelivr to include them in my project. To include a font face in a Tailwind Plugin you need to add it to base like this

base = {
	"@font-face": [
			"font-family": "'Latin Modern'",
			"font-style": "normal",
			"font-weight": "normal",
			"font-display": "block",
				'url("") format("truetype") , url("") format("woff"), url("") format("woff2")',

I could then add the class .latex-style with fontFamily: "LatinModern" to my components and everything in the div would now show with that font.

I then went through adding the styles to base and components where appropriate, and using my prefix function for both to ensure the styles don't spread elsewhere.

Next up was adding some options. This can be extracted from the theme key in tailwind.config.js, so I gave two options, footnotes and syntax. Footnotes will also style footnotes, the reason why this is behind an option is that remark-footnotes will create the div for footnotes separate to the class the footnotes are defined in, so enabling this will style globally. syntax enables syntax highlighting for prism.js, and this will keep the style within the div, but is unnecessary for some websites, and so is not enabled by default.