DNS Comparison Website

Compare the speed and blocking of DNS providers

This site compares the performance of different DNS services. It does this in a range of ways, depending on your requirements.

Single domain comparison

The homepage allows you to compare a single domain to see if it is resolved on different services. To do this it makes DNS over HTTPS requests using Axios, with a modifier to also include the latency.

Bulk domain comparison

If you have a list of domains you want to compare, then the above method may become tedious as you have to type in every domain and check the results. To solve this problem, I created a page for bulk comparison. This uses the same method as the single comparison but in parallel to make a lot of requests.

This uses Chart.js for the data visualization and react-table for the paginated table.

Server generated results

While the bulk comparison is good for small amounts of domains, when the number gets larger you'd be waiting hours to get a result. To solve this, results based on open source datasets are processed on a server, which you can then view on the website.

This uses papaparse to parse in a CSV and Chart.js for the data visualization