Making a new website

31 December 2019

For a long time this website has had a couple of links to contact me, but those days are over.

Now I have a brand-new Hugo website with a custom written theme complete with

  • A homepage with more social links, and description of my skills
  • An about page with description of who I am
  • A blog

Why Hugo?

The first question is why a site builder? I'm competent at web development, why not just write it all myself? The markdown processing makes it much easier to just write words, not having to think about the formatting, and if I'm going to blog often, then I'll need that.

Next it gets to why Hugo? Why not Jekyll or any of the other vast array of site builders? The answer to that is sadly rather boring, it had a theme I liked the look of, in particular this theme, and it had an MIT licence, so I could publish and tweak it as much as I wanted to.

Why start blogging?

A very good question. For one, it would allow me to showcase my skills more than just a portfolio would, not everything fits under the umbrella of a portfolio, but I can blog about whatever I want. Secondly is to act as a reminder of how I do things, if I blog my process when I do technical things, I'll always be able to look back and see how I did it if I ever have to do it again.

So what can I expect to see in the blog?

The current plan is for the vast majority of posts to be technical guides on how to do things, but there might be some variety if I want to blog about events.