Rendering Markdown in React Components

How to render markdown inside of a React component

Aug 21, 2020

1 minute

For this guide we are going to be using Remark to render markdown.

Start by installing remark and remark-html using

npm install remark remark-html --save

The function remark is async so can’t simply be called to edit the text. To solve this issue, we will create a state defin with

const [defin, setDefin] = useState("Definition");

The resulting HTML from the Markdown is generated with

  .process(props.children, function (err, file) {

Note here that the text to transform is props.children, change it to whatever is suitable for your usecase.

This might look like enough, just pass defin to your return and you’re done. Sadly when you change a state, the component is rerendered. In that rerendering, the state is set again and you end up in an infinite loop.

To solve this, wrap the above function in an if statement that checks if defin has been changed, simply:

if (defin === "Definition") {
  // Code here

Finally, to render the resulting HTML, use dangerouslySetInnerHTML like:

<div dangerouslySetInnerHTML={{ __html: defin }} />